Hello! I’m Angela Dobrzynski, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania. I am a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist and Holistic Health Coach. You’ve come here to decide whether counseling with me is right for you. Read below for some things to consider. I look forward to meeting you!

Why Counseling?

In addition to having a non-biased, caring person to hear you, counseling can help you alter your life in many ways. With counseling, you can:

*Learn habits that keep you happier

*Practice skills to help you meet your goals

*Implement strategies to cope when things are really hard

*Connect the dots in your life to show where your responses come from, and how to adapt them to live life how you really want to

*Have emotional support and understanding

Why Angela?

There are so many factors to consider when selecting a counselor. Education, experience and expertise are important (see the About page to read about mine), but chemistry and “fit” can go further. Ultimately you want to feel connected, understood and heard by your counselor and you want to have trust in their commitment to help you reach your personal goals.

See below for testimonials from counseling clients that have worked with me:

“I have been to ten different counselors in my lifetime, and you’re the first one that has ever helped me. And in just a few sessions!”

“I left your office feeling better, inspired, more at peace. You’re a very perceptive and compassionate counselor.”

“I found our sessions to be very helpful, and I have been impressed with your professionalism and your empathy. You were most helpful in my time of need.”

“You have been a tremendous help and support for me. Other than being compassionate, you are very perceptive, very reassuring, very problem solving oriented. I’m still struggling, but I’m always comforted and feel better after I meet with you.”

“I absolutely made a great choice in asking you for help. You help me think through the issues with good questions and lots of empathy. Thanks for a wonderful hour.”

“This has been just so helpful. You are really good at what you do. Seriously. You help me put words to things I could never articulate before and it feels so good.”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. You were like my guide through grief. I will always be grateful to you, truly.”