Counseling Service

Office Visits or Telehealth

Confidential counseling from the comfort of your home or workplace, or in person at my Downingtown office. While I specialize in grief and loss, I have 15 years’ experience supporting individuals through issues of transition, stress, interpersonal conflicts, parenting, feeling “stuck” and more. I work with adults only. Session rate is $135/ 50-minute session. I do not accept insurance but can provide a superbill if your insurance plan allows you to submit for reimbursement. You may also use your HSA card if you have a qualifying diagnosis.


There are several reasons why one might choose a walking session. The formality of a standard session can feel awkward for some, and walking allows a more natural flow of discussion. Some people prefer to combine their daily walk with a therapy session for the sheer convenience. The rate for a Walk-and-Talk session from my office is the same as a standard counseling rate of $135/session. Clients wishing to meet and walk elsewhere may pay a prorated hourly rate to cover additional travel time if desired.

Home Visits

Home visits are an option for non-smoking households. Many folks are effectively homebound due to caretaking obligations, transportation limitations or health and mobility issues. Some people just prefer a home visit to meet in person in a comfortable and natural setting. Home visit rate is $175 for a 50-minute session, if in proximity of Downingtown, PA. Clients living elsewhere may pay a prorated hourly rate to cover additional travel time if desired. Clients wishing to have a home visit will be asked a series of screening questions to ensure appropriate fit.

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