Special Events

Special Events

Presentations, Workshops and Webinars

I facilitate workshops on grief, loss, stress management, self-care, mindfulness, burnout prevention and other topics as requested. When such events are open to the public, they are posted here.

“Coping With Grief” provides an overview of the impact of loss and grief, with tips for coping with acute grief and ongoing integrated grief. This interactive presentation is helpful for people who have lost a loved one and people who are mourning non-death losses such as job, mobility, a home and other difficult loss.

“Coping With Grief Through the Holidays” While the holidays can provide many special moments of joy, after the loss of a loved one they are never quite the same. What used to spark joy may now trigger grief. When others around you are also grieving, family dynamics can be tricky. The loss of your loved one likely changes your holiday traditions while their absence permeates the entire experience of the holidays. Are you anticipating the holidays with excitement or with dread? A little bit of both? This presentation will share some ways to prepare for the holidays after a loss, cope with the complex emotions that may arise, and implement strategies to navigate your changed experience of the holiday season.

Next events:

“Coping with Grief” at Dunwoody Village. Televised. Check guide for times.

“Coping with Grief Through the Holidays” at Shannondell in Audubon. Thursday September 15th, 11am.

“Coping with Grief Through the Holidays” webinar for Friends Life Care. Tuesday November 8th, 10am.

“Coping with Grief Through the Holidays” In-person and webinar for Surrey Senior Services in Devon. Thursday November 17th, 10:30am.

Testimonials from “Coping with Grief” participants:

  • Thank you for this helpful presentation!
  • I am a new Surrey Services member. I thought Angela’s presentation was great!! 
  • Angela was an excellent presenter, and she passed on a lot of necessary guidance and information. Thank you for getting her. 
  • This was really helpful.  I think many people could benefit from it. 
  • I hope you will do more of these! 
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